Titel: The English Whippet
Auteur: E.G. Walsh & Mary Lowe
Taal: Engels
Uitvoering 1: 1984- eerste druk-England-hardback-288 pagina’s
Uitgeverij: Boydell Press
ISBN 978-0851151939
Uitvoering 2: Fascimile edition-England-2004-hardback-296 pagina’s
Uitgeverij:Coch-y-Bonddu Books
ISBN 9781904784036
Uit de inhoud:

Colonel Ted Walsh and Mary Lowe have a vast store of knowledge on the whippet; Col Walsh particularly on working whippets while Mrs Lowe is a leading international judge of the breed.The book covers the history of show, coursing, hunting and racing whippets as well as breeding and care of the breed and details of show champions up to 1982.